T & C



Pupil Terms & Conditions


Your Instructor

Your instructor is a self-employed instructor.

Driving License and Eyesight

You MUST hold a current valid license (either provisional or full) which must be produced on the first lesson.

You MUST also be able to read a number plate from a distance 20.5 metres (67 feet) using your glasses if normally worn.


Lesson payments should be made at the beginning of each lesson. Where an intensive or semi intensive course is booked, full payment is required before, or on the first day of the course.

Price changes

The price of lessons which have not been pre-paid as part of a block booking can be changed at any time. You will always receive prior notice of such changes.

The cost of prepaid tuition is based on the lesson price in force at the time of booking and will be honoured for three months thereafter irrespective of any price increase that may occur between the date of booking and when the lessons are taken. Any unused lessons remaining after three months have elapsed shall have any lesson price increase supplied.

Use of the vehicle

In the interest of yours and the public’s safety, we reserve the right to withdraw the use of the training car for the driving test, if in our opinion, your driving is (potentially) dangerous.


All fees include pupil cover whilst driving the school vehicle. (provided the pupil is licensed to drive) and is accompanied by, or under the direction of a Driving Standards Agency (Car) or on a Driving Test with an approved DSA Examiner(s).


After arriving at your nominated pick up point for your lesson, if there is no reply at the address in question, we will wait approximately 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes, you have not made contact, or we are not able to reach you, the lesson will be abandoned, and you will be required to pay for the lesson(s) in question before further lessons are booked.

Transferability of lesson

You cannot sell or transfer lessons which have been booked and purchased in your name to any other person without consent. The driving school retains the right to transfer lesson/course fees to another instructor.


You must give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice should you need to cancel or change a lesson. For whatever reasons, any lessons cancelled within this period must be paid for in full before any further lessons will be booked. This is due to the effect on instructors’ livelihood and could be denying another pupil the opportunity for a lesson that they desperately want.

If your test is cancelled at short notice by the DSA, your lesson fee is still payable. Your lesson fee is to be claimed by yourself from the DSA who may reimburse such expenses.

Your instructor will not be held responsible for any refusal by a DSA examiner to conduct a test due to a light bulb failure. All bulbs will be checked by yourself and your instructor on arrival at the test centre.

The school/instructor cannot be held responsible for tests & lessons cancelled either by the DSA or for bad weather.

Social Media

With your consent, an image(s) of you holding your certificate will be uploaded onto social media.

Mobile Phones

All pupils should ensure that any mobile phones are switched off prior to entering the tuition vehicle for safety reasons.

Personal Property

Amafhh Driving School accept no liability for any personal property or belongings that is left in the training vehicle.